Pioneer Village / River Pathway

Start Date: 01/01/2001 | Expected Finish Date: 01/01/2001

Pioneer Village / River Pathway

Project Details


Creating a heart and soul for Silverdale.

Silverdale Business, in partnership with the Pioneer Village and the Historical Society is embarking on an ambitious aspirational project to give Silverdale a living, breathing heart to the place we all call home.

Over the last 20 years a number of studies and structure plans have been prepared for different parts of the wider Silverdale area. The goal is to bring the disparate elements of the wider Silverdale plans together and integrate these with a vision to create an exciting, emotional, tangible heart to the community. We believe this can be best achieved by developing a Village Green and Market as part of the current Silverdale Pioneer Village precinct.


The Pathway to our Heart

Silverdale Business also believes that the Village Green should embrace a walkway and cycleway from the Hibiscus Coast Park & Ride to the Silverdale Mall.

A river pathway through the beautiful green spaces and a safe and enjoyable active route option for people commuting to and from the local transport hub.

It also provides a pleasant means of access for people living in the rapidly growing residential and retirement homes in the immediate area.

Pioneer Village / River Pathway

Our Plan


Our objective is to deliver the widest possible number of benefits by:

  • Sensitively designing an attractive hub that is a flexible, multi-use complex catering to a broad range of community activities, events, education and commerce.
  • Adopting a community-led, local development process to facilitate this, which is locally driven and harnesses local resources in conjunction with other traditional funding sources to contribute to the overall success of the project.
  • Ultimately, identifying and promoting the ‘village’ as the emotional soul of Silverdale, one that becomes the natural beating heart of the area.

The history, character and vibrant personality of our village market will encourage frequent use by the community and draw visitors from all over Auckland.

The Village Green will be a gathering place for community events, an everyday fresh food farmers market, a place to educate our children and learn about our early history and a pleasant place to meet, mix and mingle with others.

Silverdale Business also believes that the Village Green should embrace a walkway and cycleway from the AT Park & Ride to the Silverdale Mall. Ultimately linking to the Orewa Estuary pathway. This shared pathway will be a great experience, is entirely off road and a safe and enjoyable active route option for people commuting to and from the local transport hub to crossing the entire area of Silverdale and Orewa.

Pioneer Village / River Pathway

Our Plan


Silverdale Business is adopting a community led, local development process to facilitate this which is about being locally driven and local resources being harnessed and braided with other traditional funding to contribute to the overall success of the project. We are actively seeking and are fortunate to have already received significant offers of support from key local businesses that will greatly assist in making this dream a reality.

The project is one of our aspirational, strategic goals and is important within the context of our recent survey which highlighted connectivity as being very important to our community.

Our environmental and climate change objectives will be greatly assisted with the completion of the project as it fosters reduced carbon emissions and the uptake of active transport modes.

Active transport contributes to overall better health outcomes of humans, the environment, the economy and positively relates to social equity. In a report by NZTA, there is consensus among OECD countries of the strong positive correlation between significant population health, general wellbeing and greater use of active modes.

The Weiti River Pathway project is important for a number of other reasons:

  1. It enables connectivity between our various communities within the greater Silverdale area to our major park & ride transport hub and will result in increased economic opportunity.
  2. It provides a safe off-road commuting and recreational route within Auckland’s fastest growing and most dangerous district for road deaths and serious injuries.
  3. It connects to the Estuary Pathway therefore completing a significant and safe pathway network throughout Silverdale and Orewa.
  4. It provides safe and direct access between the industrial and retail areas of Silverdale.
  5. Ultimately, the pathway is good for our health and wellbeing. Proposed Highgate Bridge Design

The proposed pathway connects to a new bridge crossing the motorway linking Milldale with Millwater through Highgate Business Park, and will become a significant connection to the wide range of amenities our growing area has to offer. Preliminary earthworks for the bridge have already begun. The two-lane motorway overpass will be built as an extension of John Fair Drive and connect as a T-junction with Highgate Parkway near the massive Infratil computer data centre currently under construction.

Silverdale Business is currently consulting with Auckland Transport, Councillors, the Hibiscus Bays Local Board, Mana Whenua and seeking support from the community and the area’s developers to action and progress the Weiti River Pathway project.

Pioneer Village / River Pathway

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