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Crime Prevention & Security

Silverdale Business will develop a specialised crime prevention programme for Silverdale. This program encompasses education, cameras, resources, and practical tools, all applied with an understanding of how area improvements can positively impact crime prevention.


We inform and consult with you on matters affecting your business, representing your interests by making submissions. Our commitment is to provide a strong, collective voice in advocating for the needs of Silverdale businesses when engaging with important stakeholders.

Business Directory

Discover, connect, and support local businesses through our online directory. As a Silverdale Business member, you enjoy the exclusive benefit of a complimentary directory listing. This listing not only promotes your business but also strengthens the vital link between businesses and the local community. It’s how we foster connections, enabling businesses and the community to thrive together.

Marketing & Promotion

We intend to encourage the growth of Silverdale businesses by establishing Silverdale as a destination. We will put a strong emphasis on promoting individual Silverdale businesses, making sure your business gains the visibility it deserves. Seasonal campaigns, designed to attract visitors and increase spending in the area. To complement these efforts, we are dedicated to enhancing your business teams through staff attraction and business coaching, and an introduction to the recruitment landscape in Silverdale.


We will offer consistent opportunity for business owners to engage with one another. You can tap into Silverdale Business’s active event, training, and seminar programs to further enrich your business knowledge and connections. We are dedicated to enhancing physical accessibility within Silverdale, striving for improved integration and connection among different precincts of our community

Other Services

We will provide you with a wealth of valuable services. This includes regular Membership communications that keep you informed about the latest developments in our area. You’ll receive news, updates, and event information, as well as opportunities to engage with your community. In addition, our business support resources are readily available to assist you in various aspects of your operations. We’re committed to ensuring you stay well-informed and well- supported, making the most out of your Silverdale Business membership.


About Silverdale Business

Silverdale Business is dedicated to promoting Silverdale as a vibrant community for residents and businesses alike. As a non-profit funded by targeted rates, we represent over 600 businesses and 669 commercial properties across six precincts. Our mission includes enhancing security measures, boosting connectivity through networking programs and marketing campaigns, advocating for public transport and parking solutions, and fostering a thriving business environment. We offer valuable services, including a business directory and regular communications, to support our members in maximising their presence and impact in Silverdale.


Our New Businesses

Affordable Rack
Five Star Nails
Community organisations
Silverdale Community Trust
Arts & recreation services
MorArt Ltd
Food production
Foundry Chocolate
Chemicals & refining
Environmental Decontamination Limited (EDL)
Kowhai Kauri Wellness
Grace Beauty Limited
Simon Lucas Mitsubishi Parts and Service Centre
Golden Tulip Malaysian Restaurant (Silverdale)
Omega Trees Ltd


Discover Silverdale

Discover Silverdale on our website, your complete resource for our area. Explore a wealth of information on living, playing, and doing business in Silverdale. From diverse sports and activities to established eateries and local services, find everything you need right here.Your Silverdale experience starts now.


Locations & Zoning

Want to know if you are within the zone?
See to the right to find out.

Your list of zones of ‘in location’ businesses: we have divided Silverdale into 6 precincts:

  • Highgate
  • Village
  • Gateway
  • Central
  • Industrial
  • Millwater


What’s On?

Find out what is happening in your area.
July 25, 2024
Speed Networking
August 13, 2024
Neighbourhood Fusion – ENH WINDOWS
September 6, 2024
Women in Business
October 23, 2024
Neighbourhood Fusion – SIMON LUCAS MITSUBISHI
November 15, 2024
Women in Business
December 3, 2024
Neighbourhood Fusion – PLACEMAKERS


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our sponsers

LTD Architectural Takes Center Stage as Sponsor of the Month!

This month, we shine a spotlight on LTD Architectural, Silverdale’s trusted partner in turning dream homes into reality. Founded in 2008, this passionate team, led by Celeste Koch, brings over 15 years of experience to every project, whether you’re building new, renovating, or extending.


Have your say!

As the local business association, we spend a  lot of time talking with political leaders and decision-makers whose rulings affect our community. We want everyone to have a say, so fill in the form and let us know what you think Silverdale needs!

Tasha Gummer
General Manager
Carolina Lunt
Business Coordinator

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