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Locations & Zoning

If you run, own or rent a business or property within our Business Improvement District (BID), you are eligible to be a member of Silverdale Business. There is no extra charge to your Business as the membership cost is already taken care of in your targeted rate. All you need to do is register to take advantage of all the benefits.

If you’re not located within the Silverdale BID area or not operating at a commercial property, you can join as an Associate Member. This costs just $350 + GST per year, charged on a pro-rata basis to the 30th of June. Associate Membership gives you access to all the benefits of standard membership with the exception of voting rights

Want to know if you are within the zone?
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Your list of zones of ‘in location’ businesses: we have divided Silverdale into 6 precincts:

  • Highgate
  • Village
  • Gateway
  • Central
  • Industrial
  • Millwater


Member Benefits

Our mission aims to create a safer, well-connected, and thriving business environment in Silverdale.

So how do you get the most out of your membership?

Crime Prevention & Security

Silverdale Business will develop a specialised crime prevention programme for Silverdale. This program encompasses education, cameras, resources, and practical tools, all applied with an understanding of how area improvements can positively impact crime prevention.


We inform and consult with you on matters affecting your business, representing your interests by making submissions. Our commitment is to provide a strong, collective voice in advocating for the needs of Silverdale businesses when engaging with important stakeholders.

Business Directory

Discover, connect, and support local businesses through our online directory. As a Silverdale Business member, you enjoy the exclusive benefit of a complimentary directory listing. This listing not only promotes your business but also strengthens the vital link between businesses and the local community. It’s how we foster connections, enabling businesses and the community to thrive together.

Marketing & Promotion

We intend to encourage the growth of Silverdale businesses by establishing Silverdale as a destination. We will put a strong emphasis on promoting individual Silverdale businesses, making sure your business gains the visibility it deserves. Seasonal campaigns, designed to attract visitors and increase spending in the area. To complement these efforts, we are dedicated to enhancing your business teams through staff attraction and business coaching, and an introduction to the recruitment landscape in Silverdale.


We will offer consistent opportunity for business owners to engage with one another. You can tap into Silverdale Business’s active event, training, and seminar programs to further enrich your business knowledge and connections. We are dedicated to enhancing physical accessibility within Silverdale, striving for improved integration and connection among different precincts of our community.

Other Services

We will provide you with a wealth of valuable services. This includes regular Membership communications that keep you informed about the latest developments in our area. You’ll receive news, updates, and event information, as well as opportunities to engage with your community. In addition, our business support resources are readily available to assist you in various aspects of your operations. We’re committed to ensuring you stay well-informed and well- supported, making the most out of your Silverdale Business membership.

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