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About Silverdale Business!


Who are we?

Silverdale Business is dedicated to promoting the Silverdale area as a great place to live, play, and do business.

What we do

Silverdale Business, a non-profit funded by targeted rates, invites eligible businesses and property owners in the Business Improvement District to become members at no additional cost. Register to enjoy benefits covered within your targeted rate. Covering a vast area with six precincts, we represent over 600 businesses and 669 commercial properties.

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Our Mission & Values

We are committed to building long-term relationships with Silverdale businesses, and we offer a wide range of services to support your needs:

Over the next two years (2023-2025), Silverdale Business plans to enhance crime prevention and security measures, including the implementation of cameras in key areas and offering a member resource package for discounted security options.

The focus on connectivity involves an annual networking program, an accurate business directory, and engagement initiatives, including an area branding project.

Marketing and promotions will feature targeted campaigns, social media management, and a large community event to boost visitors and spending in Silverdale.

Advocacy efforts will concentrate on public transport and parking solutions, stakeholder engagement, and ensuring a strong voice for Silverdale.

In the second year, additional projects include new business attraction, coordination of the River Pathway and Pioneer Village Projects, and a focus on recruitment.

Overall, the strategy aims to create a safer, well-connected, and thriving business environment in Silverdale.

about us

What sets us apart?

Silverdale is a vibrant hub where history seamlessly blends with new growth, creating an atmosphere of positivity and opportunity.

Boasting a diverse commercial district, Silverdale encompasses six precincts that house over 600 businesses in retail, hospitality, services, industrial, manufacturing, and trade.
This dynamic mix defines the uniqueness of Silverdale, a district that takes pride in its inclusive community and thriving business environment. As Silverdale continues to grow, it solidifies its reputation as a beacon for new ventures and opportunities.


By offering proactive, inspiring guidance that actively engages the business community, we aim to shape a compelling vision of the future, igniting motivation and charting a path towards success.


Maximise member value through support and promotion for Silverdale businesses. We actively listen, understand your needs, and serve as a powerful advocate, amplifying your voice for greater impact.


Reaching the people who matter most by advocating on issues affecting members and their businesses.


We will prioritise the interconnectedness of business and community in Silverdale, envisioning a seamless integration of work, living, and recreation. As our area grows, we aspire to be a comprehensive resource, fostering unity and serving as a central hub for residents and businesses.


Business Directory

Discover, connect, and support local businesses through our online directory. As a Silverdale Business member, you enjoy the exclusive benefit of a complimentary directory listing. This listing not only promotes your business but also strengthens the vital link between businesses and the local community.

It’s how we foster connections, enabling businesses and the community to thrive together.


Other Services

We will provide you with a wealth of valuable services. This includes regular membership communications that keep you informed about the latest developments in our area. You’ll receive news, updates, and event information, as well as opportunities to engage with your community. In addition, our business support resources are readily available to assist you in various aspects of your operations.

We’re committed to ensuring you stay well-informed and well-supported, making the most out of your Silverdale Business membership.


Meet Our Team

Silverdale Business operates with an executive staff consisting of a General Manager, Business Coordinator and a Marketing Specialist.
General Manager
Tasha Gummer
As the General Manager of Silverdale Business, I bring a wealth of experience in Event Management, Project Management, Marketing, Sponsorship, Business Development, Human Resources, and Recruitment. Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated my ability to develop strong relationships while effectively managing multiple facets of a business.

One thing that remains constant in all my roles is my heartfelt desire to help others. I believe that success is not only measured by financial achievements but also by the positive impact we make on the lives of others. This belief has shaped my approach to leadership and has allowed me to foster meaningful connections with clients, team members, and stakeholders.


I thrive in busy and challenging positions where I have the opportunity to plan, problem solve, and mitigate risks. I am energised by the dynamic nature of business and embrace the ever-changing landscape with adaptability and a proactive mindset. I am driven by the pursuit of excellence and constantly seek opportunities for growth and innovation.
My main objective as General Manager is to deliver positive experiences while exceeding the expectations of our customers, members, and sponsors. I am passionate about creating memorable moments and ensuring that each interaction with our brand leaves a lasting impression. Through strategic planning, meticulous execution, and a customer-centric mindset, I aim to drive sustainable growth and cultivate a thriving community.


If you are looking for a dedicated and results-driven leader with a proven track record of success, I would be delighted to connect with you. Let’s collaborate and make a positive impact together.

Business Coordinator
Carolina Lunt
Carolina is a highly experienced and motivated Business Administrator with over 15 years of experience in a variety of leadership, management, and operational roles. Carolina has a strong commitment to quality and compliance and is skilled in developing and implementing operational policies and processes. She is also experienced in managing continuous improvement using Lean methodology.

In her previous role as Training and Quality Manager at Waitemata District Health Board, she was responsible for delivering and managing the annual training plan for more than 300 employees. She also managed continuous improvement and Lean activities to improve efficiencies and processes.


Carolina is also a certified Lean facilitator and has experience in project management, recruitment, and customer service.


She is bilingual in English and Spanish and is passionate about continuous improvement, working with the community, process, and quality. Carolina is confident that she has the skills and experience to make a significant contribution to Silverdale. She is a team player and is always willing to go the extra mile. She is also a strong communicator and is confident that she can build relationships with all stakeholders.

marketing specialist
Vanessa Li
Vanessa possesses over a decade of diverse expertise across marketing, sales, advertising, and software fields, having navigated roles within both global corporations and start-ups. Her journey has seen her actively shaping market strategies, fostering business development, and serving as a pivotal project liaison.

With a keen focus on digital marketing, customer communication, and content creation for SMEs, Vanessa’s proficiency is underscored by certifications in Google Ads, content marketing, and SEO practices. She is also a certified software testing in Australasia.

Fluent in both English and Chinese, Vanessa is deeply motivated to engage with and support the Silverdale community. Her genuine enthusiasm for local businesses drives her to actively contribute to their growth and prosperity.

What sets Vanessa apart is her unwavering dedication to personal and professional growth. She embraces challenges with a growth mindset, continuously seeking to expand her skill set and adapt to emerging industry trends.


Our Board

Silverdale Business is governed by ten elected local business leaders. Their responsibility is representing Silverdale Businesses and to guide Silverdale’s Strategic direction.
The Legal Team
Richard Worker
Richard is a well-known face of our committee and has been a valuable board member for the last 18 months. In May 2023 Richard accepted the role of Chairperson for the Silverdale Business Association.
Richard has worked in the legal industry for over 18 years, holding a partnership position for North Harbour Law of Orewa and its predecessor firms. He is well-connected throughout the Hibiscus Coast and is known for his practical advice and approachable nature. Having lived in Millwater with his partner Christine, Richard is passionate about setting up his practice The Legal Team in his local community and hopes to bring his extensive knowledge to the greater Silverdale and Millwater areas. Richard Worker – representing LEGAL and SILVERDALE CENTRAL
Ze Build
Board Member
Zane Dykman
Zane founder of Ze Build, is a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for the building industry. His journey to success is a testament to determination and resilience. Zane embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2017, officially launching Ze Build in 2018.
His motivation to start the business arose from unfulfilled promises in a previous venture, driving him to take matters into his own hands. Throughout his career, Zane has encountered a diverse range of challenges. The years 2018 and 2019 saw rapid growth, while 2020 brought the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. He tackled material shortages by proactively securing essential resources in advance and navigated the complexities of the pandemic through meticulous planning. Notably, Ze Build took a principled stance, providing staff the choice regarding vaccination, reflecting the company’s commitment to employee well-being. Navigating the top tiers of business, he also faced the challenge of dealing with narcissism, recognising the importance of maintaining a sound mental health environment at the leadership level. Among his proudest professional achievements, Zane highlights Ze Build’s substantial contribution to the community. Serving as a major sponsor for the Westpac helicopter, he demonstrates a strong commitment to giving back. Equally noteworthy, he takes pride in Ze Build’s pro-choice stance during challenging times. Zane has actively supported businesses in the Silverdale community, particularly during times when few others did. Ze Build has not only sponsored other local businesses but also provided significant employment opportunities, contributing to the community’s economic vitality. Zane envisions a vibrant future for the Silverdale business community. He aims to engage with and educate the younger generation about the local business environment, cultivating an understanding of its importance and potential. Zane’s professional journey is guided by core values such as honesty, transparency, passion, and a commitment to nurturing a positive company culture.. Outside of work, Zane finds joy in spending time with his family and indulging his passion for cars. He’s an avid enthusiast of activities like bike riding, 4-wheel driving, golfing, and fishing, which provide a welcome balance to his busy entrepreneurial life. Zane Dykman – representing BUILDING/TRADE and the INDUSTRIAL precinct
Auckland Adventure Park
Steve Wilkinson
Richard is a well-known face of our committee and has been a valuable board member for the last 18 months. In May 2023 Richard accepted the role of Chairperson for the Silverdale Business Association.
Passionate about preserving the area’s charm and fostering positive growth, Steve’s mission is to contribute to the local economy and provide jobs for the youth. The Adventure Park team actively supports community fundraising, sports teams, clubs, and schools. As an active member of Silverdale Business, Steve looks forward to further contributing to the committee’s efforts in helping local businesses and the community thrive. Steve Wilkinson – representing ENTERTAINMENT & LEISURE and SILVERDALE GATEWAY.
Pak n Save Silverdale
Board Member
Vinod Bhaga
With over 35 years in the supermarket industry, Vinod is the proud Owner Operator of PAK’nSAVE Silverdale. His extensive experience includes owning and operating New World Clendon and sitting on various industry committees across the PAK’nSAVE and New World banners.
A longstanding member of the Silverdale Business Association, since opening PAK’nSAVE Silverdale in 2012, Vinod and his team have been active members of both the Silverdale and Hibiscus Coast communities. Sponsorships to contributions they’ve supported include backing the bowling club, Red Beach surf club, local Rotary Club, numerous school events, the RSA, Hospice and Hibiscus cricket teams. As a Silverdale Business Association Committee member, Vinod looks forward to leaning into his extensive retail experience and lending a progressive voice to champion the local community.
Strategos Associates
Board Member (non voting)
Gary Browne
Previously Founder and Managing Director of Omni Group Advertising for over 20 years Gary specialises in innovation, strategy and communications, and has extensive experience working with a broad range of FMCG, Retail, Multinational, Government Ministries, Airline and Corporate clients receiving global recognition for the outcomes achieved on many projects undertaken.
Living in Silverdale with his wife Joy, Gary has always had a strong interest in the community and is founder and trustee of the Robin Hood Foundation and the Pacemaker Trust amongst others. He was instrumental in founding What’s Up, the children’s help line and many other projects undertaken by The Robin Hood Foundation. He was chair of the combined Rodney Residents & Ratepayers Association which comprised 53 different member associations and President of the Coatesville Hall & Reserve Committee which was responsible for the development of the Coatesville Hall and Village Green. He was also Head Judge for 10 years for the Community and Innovator categories for the New Zealander of The Year Awards.
The Botanic
Board Member
Michelle Pipping
Michelle has worked in residential building, development and the retirement industry in Auckland and the Hibiscus Coast for over 17 years. She now works for the coasts newest retirement village under construction in Silverdale, The Botanic.
Currently, Michelle is actively involved with the development of the coast’s latest retirement village, The Botanic, located in Silverdale. As she joins our committee, Michelle expresses her excitement and enthusiasm for being part of such a modern new village catering to individuals aged 65 and above. Her role at The Botanic involves assisting people in selecting their new homes and embracing a fresh chapter in their lives. Michelle considers it a great privilege to get to know the incoming residents and their families, supporting them throughout their journey. With a vision for an exciting future at The Botanic, Michelle is overjoyed to collaborate with our dynamic team, working towards creating an exceptional living environment for their residents. Living and working locally means Michelle is very passionate about Silverdale and being part of a BID is a great opportunity to bring new business to the area. I’m looking forward to being part of its growth and success and im excited to be a member of the Silverdale Business Association.
ENH Windows
Board Member
Joanna Jin
Since 2003, ENH Windows has been a prominent player in the construction industry. In 2019, the company proudly introduced the Vistalite brand of windows and doors, marking a new era of innovation and quality. At the heart of their success is a close-knit “work family” culture, fostering a collaborative team environment where everyone plays a vital role.
ENH Windows has built a reputation for offering convenient service and exceptional products, all manufactured in an environment committed to delivering excellence. Their commitment to quality extends not only to customers but also to the wider construction industry. Demonstrating their community spirit, ENH Windows provides training and advice to building developers, furthering expertise across the industry. The company’s presence is felt in various channels, with advertisements on Facebook, WeChat, and House of the Year magazine. Moreover, ENH Windows has earned recognition and accolades from the Window and Glass Association of New Zealand, frequently participating in and winning industry awards. Guiding the team is Joanna Jin, a visionary leader dedicated to earning customers’ trust through timely delivery of high-quality products. Under her guidance, ENH Windows has grown exponentially, with a large manufacturing plant in Highgate in Silverdale. As a Silverdale Business Association Committee member, Joanna is committed to fostering valuable connections within the Silverdale Business community. With her unique insight and expertise, she also serves as a bridge to support the Asian business community. Joanna’s dedication to enhancing collaboration and inclusivity makes her an invaluable asset to our vibrant business network in Silverdale.
Silverdale Mall
Board Member
Kayleigh Wallace
Kayleigh is an energetic, ambitious, female with over 10 years’ experience in the tourism, hospitality, and retail industries. Having run her own consulting firm, helping start-ups, and struggling businesses overcome internal strategic challenges, she offers a wealth of diverse experience, and am well versed in managing business operations and maintaining key stakeholder relationships.
Kayleigh has significant marketing experience and knowledge resulting from a high performance and results-driven career. Her experience within multi-channel corporate environments largely focused on the direct, digital, retail and e-commerce channels. she is dependable under pressure, directing and negotiating with ease and efficiency. Kayleigh is an articulate communicator with skills to facilitate dialogue, decisions, and conscientious action across a wide stakeholder spectrum. Kayleigh looks forward to working closely with Silverdale Business, please feel free to reach out and say hi: Kayleigh Wallace – representing RETAIL and SILVERDALE CENTRAL.
Barfoot & Thompson
Board Member
Rita Oliver
Rita has been selling real estate on the North Shore and Rodney since 2009 working for the largest family owned company, Barfoot & Thompson. Prior to that Rita was in hospitality working as a Sales/Revenue/Yield Manager for a group of hotels in London, Paris, Tunisia and Cyprus.
Both roles in real estate and the hotel industry were focused on helping clients in different aspects to achieve the best outcome – whether it is selling their properties, finding a suitable home for a buyer or with each hotel’s revenue. She finds it rewarding to be part of the journey with her clients. Marketing and sales was a big part of the job. During the time in hospitality, being involved with local corporate companies, events and local attractions were the focus of the business. Rita believes integrity, collaboration, and communication are the elements to success. Rita lives in Millwater with her family and her children go to local schools. She is thrilled and excited to be part of the Silverdale Business Association. She is passionate about the area and what it has to offer. She is eager to be involved in planning and assisting Silverdale businesses to thrive as the community grows. Since she started real estate, Rita has seen a huge change locally with all the new developments. She loves the history of Silverdale and how it is connected to so many other areas and how it is becoming a commercial hub in Rodney. Having experienced different cycles in Real Estate, she understands the challenges each market presents and how important it is to be proactive. She is looking forward to assisting with her skills and real estate knowledge. Rita Oliver – representing REAL ESTATE and MILLWATER.

Local Board Representative

Gary Brown


Silverdale Business funding

How we Operate

Silverdale Business was founded in 1986 and operated for 37 years as a voluntary subscription-based organisation.

In 2023, business and property owners in the Silverdale area voted to invest in improvements to enhance the local business environment and economic growth of the area by adopting the Business Improvement District (BID) programme, funded by a targeted rate collected by Auckland Council. The programme was established on 1 July 2023.

Silverdale Business’s targeted rate model is a hybrid model made up of a fixed rate of $400 plus a property capital value (CV) rate in the dollar (2023-2024 rate in the dollar of $0.00017919) to collectively reach a budget of $500,000. The BID partnership programme does not replicate services provided by Council, but channels the capabilities and knowledge of the private sector to improve economic outcomes and achieve common goals

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Silverdale Business Association operates as an incorporated society under its constitution. Governed by Auckland Council’s BID program, we receive targeted rate funding to benefit our business area. Operating as a Business Improvement District (BID), we adhere to Auckland Council’s BID Policy.

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This month, we shine a spotlight on LTD Architectural, Silverdale’s trusted partner in turning dream homes into reality. Founded in 2008, this passionate team, led by Celeste Koch, brings over 15 years of experience to every project, whether you’re building new, renovating, or extending.

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