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Discover the fun stuff in Silverdale’s PLAY section. Embrace leisure time with sports clubs fostering camaraderie, vibrant community hubs, tranquil yoga/pilates classes, diverse gym options, and lively clubs for connection and fun. Join us in creating a brighter tomorrow through community engagement and active participation.


Sport often lies at the heart of a community, serving as a vital outlet for health, wellbeing, and stress relief. In Silverdale, we boast a variety of local sports clubs, nurturing a sense of camaraderie.

Community Hub

Welcome to Silverdale, where the community thrives! Dive into our vibrant hub of churches, nonprofits, and passionate organisations dedicated to making a positive impact. Join us as we unite to create a brighter tomorrow for all.


Discover tranquillity in Silverdale with our diverse yoga and pilates offerings, catering to all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners. Experience the transformative power of movement and find your inner peace.


Exercise plays a key role in staying fit and healthy. In Silverdale, we offer a range of options to cater to diverse needs, with various membership choices and flexible opening hours to accommodate everyone in our community.


In Silverdale, our clubs are the heart of our community. With a variety of options to suit everyone, they provide opportunities for connection, activity, and fun. Join us and be part of something special.

play | life | business


Explore everyday living in Silverdale’s LIFE section. Enjoy local dining experiences with restaurants, pubs, cafes, and fast food options catering to diverse tastes. Access essential medical services conveniently within Silverdale, ensuring your healthcare needs are met close to home. Embrace community support and local engagement in daily activities.

Restaurants & Pubs

Indulge in delicious food and meals right here in Silverdale. Embrace the local experience and support your community.


Cafes are vital hubs for daily activity. Enjoy top-notch coffee at our great options in Silverdale.

Fast Food

Fast food is a must in our busy lives. Explore a wide range of options in Silverdale, from classic fish and chips to diverse ethnic cuisines like Indian, Malaysian, and Chinese.


Local medical services are crucial, and having easy access to a range right here in Silverdale is convenient. From emergency medical care to specialised services like dental, chiropractic, and natural medicine.

play | life | business


Silverdale is home to a diverse mix of retail, hospitality, industrial, manufacturing, services, and residential areas. With excellent access to the motorway and free parking, it’s an excellent place to locate your business.

Explore the BUSINESS section for essential services in Silverdale’s Central and Village Precincts, including NZ Post, banks, telco shops, and stores like Warehouse Stationery. Discover opportunities for land purchase, office leases, and job postings, fostering community support and professional development through mentoring programs. Join us in promoting local business growth.


Both the Central and Village Precincts boast convenient amenities including the NZ Post, banks, ATMs, telco shops for your phone needs, and stores like Warehouse Stationery and Noel Leeming, ideal for local business supplies.

Land / Office Blocks

Silverdale is experiencing rapid growth, offering abundant opportunities for land purchase and development in the area and its surroundings.

Vacant Property for Lease

There are numerous opportunities for office and business spaces, catering to both small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as larger warehouse operations.

Jobs Board

We are thrilled to see the amazing talent we have in our local area! We truly believe that supporting our local businesses and matching talented individuals to their dream jobs is a match made in heaven.

Let’s come together as a community and show our support for our neighbours and friends by sharing job openings, promoting local businesses and celebrating the amazing talent we have right here on the Coast!

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Looking to give back or develop professionally? Get in touch! The program is free for our members.
Why become a Mentor?

  • Contribute to your professional growth
  • Give back by sharing your skills
  • Help nurture the next generation
  • Make a difference in others’ lives
  • Develop coaching and leadership skills

Why become a Mentor?

  • Enhance your professional development
  • Expand your network
  • Address knowledge and skills gaps
  • Learn leadership from experienced professionals
  • Receive timely advice and support

Purpose of mentorship:
Mentors offer guidance, motivation, support, and role modeling. They help explore careers, set goals, and develop contacts.
Build trust and value each other’s time and commitments.
Mentor’s role:
Commit to sessions, maintain contact, coach, share experiences, and provide feedback.
Mentee’s role:
Commit to sessions, schedule, communicate goals, actively engage, and provide feedback.

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