The Buzz Silverdale for April 2022

As Business rebuilds from Covid times, we are focusing on: Information, Support, Projects and Advocacy.


OUR COMMITTEE evolves, just like our area and the Businesses in it.
Welcome to Chris Farmer of Tiny Homes in the Silverdale Village.
We have many voices in our Silverdale Business Community. We would love to hear from you. Please connect with us. We are here to listen and coordinate progress.


In the last two years we’ve managed to assemble an excellent core group on our committee who are passionate and driven to see Silverdale Business grow and become recognised as the economic powerhouse and gateway to the Hibiscus Coast. With many large projects on the go, we need more high-quality people with a range of expertise.
To find out More please email Tasha



Local Mum of three and cake lover Emily Thomas has joined our team.
The lovely Emily is hitting the streets of Silverdale connecting with over 1000 Silverdale Businesses!

Silverdale is rapidly expanding and includes: Silverdale Ingress, Industrial/Business Park, Silverdale Village, Silverdale Central, Millwater/Milldale, Highgate and Greater Silverdale.

You may see Emily, so stop and have a chat 😊 We are grateful to have someone with her expertise!



We are pleased to announce that we now have a “Local Jobs’ page on our Website.
You will be able to advertise current vacancies within your Business. This is a member only benefit, only accessible to you once you login.

When you log in (as you would for your directory listing) you will now see some extra tabs. The one of interest, will be job listings. Once you have filled out all the fields and submitted, it will automatically load on to our website.

I will share the job listings once a week on social media with a view to reach our local Community.

We believe in Community, so locals working in local businesses is such a win. Utilising the talent pool that we have in our own backyard.

This new member benefit is expected to grow organically over time. Any feedback is most welcome as this is a new offering.

Any questions or if you would like to step through this for the first time, call me
Tasha Maloney – 027 589 7320.

To the Businesses of HIGHGATE in Silverdale.

You asked we delivered!!!!!

Recently we secured a coffee truck on Emirali Road to provide good coffee in the morning,☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ We hope you enjoyed it!



As confidence is growing to attend, in-person networking events, we are looking at re-commencing our event activity again.

If you would like to host a networking event please make contact, we are looking for a host in July.

Thank you to Simon Hart and Te Rina Piho from ‘The People Place’ for an excellent Webinar.  If you missed out, its up on our YouTube Channel for your viewing anytime.




With crime at the forefront of our news lately, it’s a great time to focus on our Silverdale SECURITY.
The Silverdale Business Association has long had concerns about security in Silverdale and has established a network of security cameras which are connected via an intelligent hub at Team Rhapsody in Silverdale Village.
The Hibiscus & Bays Local Board has also had these same concerns and has recently granted funding to Silverdale Business to commence the enhancement of security within the Village as a first step to progressively boosting security in other parts of Silverdale – industrial, Highgate and Millwater.
The first step was the installation of a real-time gateway connection from the hub at Team Rhapsody to the Orewa Police. This will allow real-time camera access to anything visible via the CCTV network in Silverdale and will be an immediate boost to enhancing security and reducing crime in the area.
The Tiny Homes Expo Centre in Silverdale Village has kindly agreed for a security camera to be installed on its property. This will provide welcome surveillance and security of the Silverdale Street intersection with Hibiscus Coast Highway, along with coverage of the bottom half of Silverdale Village. Two further cameras have been installed in Silverdale Village, one outside Food Therapy and the other outside Team Rhapsody.

The present environment for businesses is challenging enough without having to deal with losses through crime. We appreciate the support of the Hibiscus Bays & Local Board, particularly Gary Brown (Chair) and Andy Dunn (Local Board representative for Silverdale Business) for enabling this security initiative to get under way.
We look forward to progressively installing additional cameras, as funds permit, in other parts of Silverdale so that we have a comprehensive security surveillance network to minimise crime. All businesses in Silverdale can help this come to fruition by becoming members of Silverdale – strength in numbers.
Theo Simeonidis – Chairperson


After the recent challenges of Covid we are making progress again. This month the architect will be briefed on the design.
Our design will be functional so that the space can be utilised for different uses, such as: Markets, retail, events and community.
Our design will maintain integrity, to the historic aspects of the Pioneer Village.




We recently met with Auckland Transport and spoke about the connection between Silverdale Village and the Industrial side. Feedback we are getting suggests the need for better access to the cafes, eateries and shops in the Village.
After visiting the site and taking photographs of the walkway ‘under the bridge’ There is certainly a negative perception of this area.
There has been talk of a pedestrian crossing using traffic lights on the Highway, however: in the short term, better lighting, trimming of trees and vegetation, artwork, signage and some paint could make the area more inviting for our local community to walk through. We have also highlighted the need for the stairs to be a ramp to encourage pushchairs, bikes and mobility access. .
Following this another meeting was had on site with Auckland Council as this area is considered a Community Facility.
They have confirmed the following works will take place:

  • Re-painting of the two signs at the bottom end of Tavern Road (like for like), and railings on the commercial side exit (brown to white).
  • Trimming of tree branches obstructing the casting of the lights.
  • Thinning out of the bush/shrub mainly in the lower part of the underpass and nearer the entry off Tavern Road to improve visibility and space.
  • Removal of the small trees/shrub at the commercial side exit to be replanted with lower growing grasses or similar.

If you would like to provide any feedback on this, please email.

Have your say!

As the local business association, we spend a  lot of time talking with political leaders and decision-makers whose rulings affect our community. We want everyone to have a say, so fill in the form and let us know what you think Silverdale needs!

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