Creating a Heart & Soul for Silverdale

With the Silverdale Pioneer Village

The Silverdale Business Association (“Silverdale Business”) in partnership with
the Silverdale Pioneer Village and the Historical Society is embarking on an
ambitious aspirational project to give Silverdale a living, breathing heart to the
place we all call home.

The Project

Following a presentation to the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board Community Forum on Thursday 3rd of June, Silverdale Business Chair Theo Simeonidis is delighted to have received the Board’s support for this initiative and is extremely grateful to the Chair, Gary Brown, and all board members in creating an environment in which these types of community initiatives are both possible and encouraged.

Over the last 20 years a number of studies and structure plans have been prepared for different parts of the wider Silverdale area. Unfortunately, none of these have addressed the town centre as a whole or in terms of creating community.

There is a need for thought to bring the disparate elements of the wider Silverdale plans together and integrate these with a vision to create an exciting, emotional, tangible heart to the community.

December 2022 Update

These projects might never move as fast as we’d all like, but we are definitely making progress, so we’ve got an update:

  • We’ve successful brought onboard architects and surveyors to help push the project forward.
  • New concept drawings have been created, which you can download here or see as part of this section on the website and as the background to the title section of this page.
  • Considerations are being made when it comes other stakeholders outside of the Pioneer Village and the market and detailed discussions with representatives are beginning.


We believe this is best achieved by developing a Village Green and Market as part of the current Silverdale Pioneer Village precinct.

Our objective is to deliver the widest possible number of benefits by:

  • Sensitively designing an attractive hub that is a flexible, multi-use complex catering to a broad range of community activities, events, education and commerce.
  • Adopting a community-led, local development process to facilitate this, which is locally driven and harnesses local resources in conjunction with other traditional funding sources to contribute to the overall success of the project.
  • Ultimately, identifying and promoting the ‘village’ as the emotional soul of Silverdale, one that becomes the natural beating heart of the area.

We are fortunate that we have already received significant offers of support from key local businesses that will greatly assist in making this dream a reality.

The history, character and vibrant personality of our village market will encourage frequent use by the community and draw visitors from all over Auckland.

The Village Green will be a gathering place for community events, an every-day fresh food farmers market, a place to educate our children and learn about our early history and a pleasant place to meet, mix and mingle with others.

Silverdale Business also believes that the Village Green should embrace a walkway and cycleway from the AT Park & Ride to the Silverdale Mall.

This trail will be a great experience, is entirely off-road and a safe and
enjoyable active route option for people commuting to and from the local transport hub.

It also provides a pleasant means of access for people living in the rapidly growing residential and retirement homes in the immediate area.

This initiative has something for everyone – it has wide community support, it will revitalise the heart of Silverdale and boost the local economy, it helps our community to thrive and be more vibrant, it provides a safe and attractive cross-community connection between the Silverdale Mall/Silverdale Centre and public transport amenities.

Silverdale Business is committed to promoting and assisting businesses to operate successfully and profitably. But it goes far beyond that. The business sector is not an island that can survive on its own. It is part of a wider, vibrant and engaged local community.

Silverdale Business is steadfast in aiming to make our community more stimulating, give it life and character and to make Silverdale a much more interesting place to live and work.


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