Vanessa Li

Vanessa Li

Vanessa possesses over a decade of diverse expertise across marketing, sales, advertising, and software fields, having navigated roles within both global corporations and start-ups. Her journey has seen her actively shaping market strategies, fostering business development, and serving as a pivotal project liaison.

With a keen focus on digital marketing, customer communication, and content creation for SMEs, Vanessa’s proficiency is underscored by certifications in Google Ads, content marketing, and SEO practices. She is also a certified software testing in Australasia.

Fluent in both English and Chinese, Vanessa is deeply motivated to engage with and support the Silverdale community. Her genuine enthusiasm for local businesses drives her to actively contribute to their growth and prosperity.

What sets Vanessa apart is her unwavering dedication to personal and professional growth. She embraces challenges with a growth mindset, continuously seeking to expand her skill set and adapt to emerging industry trends.

021 796 753