Joanna Jin

Joanna Jin

Since 2003, ENH Windows has been a prominent player in the construction industry. In 2019, the company proudly introduced the Vistalite brand of windows and doors, marking a new era of innovation and quality. At the heart of their success is a close-knit “work family” culture, fostering a collaborative team environment where everyone plays a vital role.

ENH Windows has built a reputation for offering convenient service and exceptional products, all manufactured in an environment committed to delivering excellence. Their commitment to quality extends not only to customers but also to the wider construction industry. Demonstrating their community spirit, ENH Windows provides training and advice to building developers, furthering expertise across the industry.

The company’s presence is felt in various channels, with advertisements on Facebook, WeChat, and House of the Year magazine. Moreover, ENH Windows has earned recognition and accolades from the Window and Glass Association of New Zealand, frequently participating in and winning industry awards.

Guiding the team is Joanna Jin, a visionary leader dedicated to earning customers’ trust through timely delivery of high-quality products. Under her guidance, ENH Windows has grown exponentially, with a large manufacturing plant in Highgate in Silverdale.

As a Silverdale Business Association Committee member, Joanna is committed to fostering valuable connections within the Silverdale Business community. With her unique insight and expertise, she also serves as a bridge to support the Asian business community. Joanna’s dedication to enhancing collaboration and inclusivity makes her an invaluable asset to our vibrant business network in Silverdale.