New Management and Oversight of Silverdale Village Outdoor Market

The Silverdale Village Outdoor Market has been in a fixture within Silverdale Village for many years.  Over those years it is notable that many things have changed:  increasingly, many parents are increasingly pre-occupied with taking their kids to Saturday sport; there is an increase in the number of competing local community markets in close-by areas; and, lastly, the improvised roadside stall areas have highlighted the lack of a special, dedicated space for stallholders which is more inviting for both stallholders and visitors.

Silverdale Business Association is presently committed to achieving Business Improvement District (BID) status for Silverdale. This is a work in progress which will go to a ballot of all commercial property and business owners, in March 2023. Achieving BID status will, among other things, provide the funding and opportunity to promote Silverdale as a destination of choice, to make visitors want to come to Silverdale to enjoy what it offers, including a quality Silverdale Village Market.

It is therefore important for Silverdale that we succeed in securing BID status and that we singularly focus on that prime goal. For this reason, Silverdale Business will relinquish the oversight and management of the Silverdale Village Outdoor Market with effect from 19th November, from which date Margaret Lewis will take that role over. All future communications regarding Silverdale Village Outdoor Market should be directed to Margaret on 027 663 2010.

Silverdale has great potential for attracting visitors and to generate economic benefits to both businesses and the wider local community, and the Silverdale Business Association remains staunchly committed to pursuing these goals.

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