GrabOne-Discover Silverdale

GrabOne - Discover Silverdale

Project Details

After successfully obtaining BID status, the Silverdale Business Association have been hard at work exploring new ways to support local businesses and promote Silverdale as a vibrant and thriving destination. With this focus in mind, the team are excited to announce the recent launch of their Discover Silverdale campaign.

For this campaign Silverdale Business has partnered with GrabOne to provide an e-commerce platform that will help local businesses increase their exposure and reach, fill up quiet periods and move targeted products.

‘Silverdale has always been a hidden gem,’ says Silverdale Business General Manager Tasha Gummer, ‘but it’s time to let the world know about the incredible experiences and treasures it holds, from adventure to mouthwatering dining options, there’s something for everyone in our growing town. This initiative will put all that just a click away.’

GrabOne - Discover Silverdale


Transform Silverdale into a vibrant destination, filled with a wide range of activities, cafes, restaurants, salons, and more. By promoting this transformation on GrabOne, we can generate fabulous results and establish Silverdale as a must-visit location.

Silverdale has immense potential as a tourist and leisure spot due to its natural beauty and growing community. By enhancing its offerings and promoting them effectively, we can attract both residents and visitors from wider Auckland. 

The Campaign will run from September to November 2023.

GrabOne - Discover Silverdale

Benefits to Silverdale and our Businesses

Extensive Reach: GrabOne has a large user base, ensuring that our promotions reach a broad audience across the region and beyond. 3.4M monthly page views, 40k average daily sessions.

 118k subscribers Auckland, Northland and Waikato where we propose to market Silverdale Businesses.

Increased Exposure: The platform’s marketing channels, and targeted campaigns will give Silverdale significant exposure, creating awareness and driving traffic. 215k+ Facebook fans, 275k+ app users, Daily emails to 300k+ users. 

Boosted Sales and new customers: GrabOne’s attractive deals and discounts will incentivise people to try out the various offerings in Silverdale, leading to increased sales and revenue for businesses.

Customer Loyalty: By providing a positive experience through GrabOne promotions, you can cultivate customer loyalty and encourage repeat visits to Silverdale.

GrabOne - Discover Silverdale

For our Businesses

Expanded customer base and increased visibility for our Businesses.

Silverdale Business will cover the entire media package during the campaign for our members.

GrabOne - Discover Silverdale

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