Be Local Support Local

Be Local Support Local

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Welcome to the “Be Local, Support Local” campaign! This initiative is designed to reinforce the unique and holistic identity of Silverdale’s Business Improvement District (B.I.D) by celebrating and bringing together the distinct characteristics of each precinct within our vibrant community.

Our campaign aims to bolster the brand of the Silverdale Business Association, fostering a deeper connection and engagement with both our members and the wider community. By highlighting the diverse offerings and unique charm of each precinct, we strive to increase foot traffic to local businesses, providing a boost to our members and enhancing the overall economic vitality of Silverdale.

Join us as we embark on this journey to unite Silverdale, support local businesses, and showcase the incredible character of our community. Together, we can create a thriving, cohesive environment where every business and individual can flourish.

Be Local Support Local

Who Are we?

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are business areas within Auckland where local business and property owners have agreed to work together, with support from the council, to improve their business environment, promote innovation and attract new businesses and customers. Covering a vast area with six precincts, Silverdale Business represent over 600 businesses and 669 commercial properties.

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Be Local Support Local

Together, We thrive

“Be Local Support Local” aimed at uniting all six of our vibrant precincts under a single, shared purpose: to encourage our community to shop, dine, and do business locally. This initiative is designed to boost local commerce, drive foot traffic, and create a stronger, more interconnected business community. 

You will soon see colorful signs and stickers representing each precinct with the rallying call, “Be Local Support Local.” These visual cues will remind our community of the importance of choosing local and the direct impact it has on their neighbors and the local economy. 

How It Benefits You: 

  1. Increased Visibility: With coordinated marketing efforts, your business will gain more exposure through our collective campaign, driving more customers to your door.
  2. Stronger Community Ties: By participating, you will be part of a larger movement that emphasizes community support, fostering relationships with other local businesses.
  3. Economic Growth: A thriving local economy means more business opportunities and potential for growth for everyone.

By supporting local, we are investing in our future. We need your active participation to make this campaign a success. Display the campaign materials prominently at your business, share the message on your social media channels, and encourage your customers to join the campaign.

Each local business is a vital piece of the Silverdale puzzle, and your success contributes to the overall health and vitality of our community. Let’s make a concerted effort to support each other, drive traffic to our stores, and celebrate the unique offerings of our local businesses.

Be Local Support Local

Driving Local Business & Community

Shopping local in the Silverdale area  offers numerous benefits that extend far beyond mere convenience. Here are some compelling reasons why supporting local businesses in Silverdale is essential:

Economic Benefits

Money spent at local businesses tends to stay within the community, supporting local jobs and contributing to the area’s economic growth. Local businesses often source their goods and services from other local businesses, creating a positive economic loop.

Local businesses provide employment opportunities for residents, reducing unemployment and enhancing the standard of living within the community. These jobs are crucial for fostering economic stability and growth in the region.

Community and Social Benefits

Independent businesses help maintain the unique charm and character of Silverdale area, offering products and services that reflect the community’s tastes and needs. The presence of diverse, locally-owned businesses adds to the distinctiveness of the area, making it an attractive place to live and visit.

Local businesses are often hubs of community activity, hosting events, workshops, and gatherings that bring people together. They play a crucial role in fostering community engagement and participation.

Environmental Benefits

Shopping locally often means less travel, which can reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion. Local businesses are more likely to use local suppliers, which further reduces transportation-related environmental impacts.

Quality and Service Benefits

Local businesses often provide unique, handmade, or locally-sourced products that you can’t find in large chain stores. They are also more likely to tailor their offerings to meet the specific preferences and needs of the local community. Local business owners and employees typically offer more personalized and attentive customer service. The relationships built with customers often lead to better and more customized shopping experiences.

By choosing to shop locally in Silverdale, residents and visitors alike support a cycle of positive impacts that enhance the economic, social, environmental, and cultural well-being of the area. Local businesses are the backbone of the community, and their success translates into a thriving, vibrant Silverdale for everyone.

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