The Tiny Homes Event

The Tiny Homes Event

Our last event was a successful evening for Silverdale with an excellent turnout and connections being made. This was our media release afterwards in case you missed it.

Tiny Homes Expo Centre arrives in Silverdale!

The Tiny Homes Expo centre was welcomed to Silverdale at the Silverdale Business Association’s Business After 5 networking event held on Wednesday 21 October. The Tiny Homes Expo centre has been set up in recent months at 2 Silverdale Street, on the site of the old car sales in the Silverdale Village. The site has had a complete makeover and Theo Simeonidis, Chairperson of Silverdale Business, applauded the company for creating a “village within the Village” which enables the company to showcase a large range of innovative tiny home designs.

“The Tiny Homes Expo Centre is a great addition to Silverdale, creating an additional attraction to bring people into the Village. We look forward to working with the company and other local businesses to promote Silverdale as the economic powerhouse of the Hibiscus Coast. We also welcome the positive impact that the Tiny Homes Expo Centre will have in attracting more people into Silverdale, at the same time as visitors to the Saturday-morning Village Market will have the added attraction to visit the Tiny Homes Expo centre”, said Theo Simeonidis

Directors Chris Farmer and Rob Vincent were thrilled by the excellent turnout of local business owners and members of the community. Chris Farmer said, “We really wanted to make a big splash in launching this venture. We always knew it was a winner but have still been ‘blown away’ by the huge interest, not only from within the Hibiscus Coast but further afield as well”.

The networking event was a huge success, being attended by over 70 people. More Business After 5 networking events are planned by Silverdale Business in the near future.

We are in the process of planning our next event! 

This will be our last formal event of the year.

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