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Silverdale Markets are now cancelled until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Keeping Safe during Lockdown & Keeping your Business Intact

We recently put out a statement regarding COVID-19 and what you can do to support your local community, but as the government response to the pandemic has been stepped up to a level 4, putting us all in lockdown the question of how can my business survive has become one we’ve been asked by multiple business owners, small and large.

The biggest priority during the next four weeks should be keeping yourself safe and physically isolated from other members of the public. While this might sound extreme, it’s the easiest way to eradicate the virus and the fastest way to get us all back on our feet like normal.

Advice for Business Owners

Whether you’re self employed, a contractor or a business owner, the foreseeable future is going to be tough. Our committee member, Lizelle Doughty of Greenfire Accounting, has put together a document of common questions and answers that businesses have been asking and with her recommendations on what you can do during this time to keep yourself afloat.

Information below this point was published March 23, 2020 and may be outdated.

Helping Silverdale Businesses and Community

We know this Covid-19 situation potentially has serious impacts for many NZ businesses, including many Silverdale Businesses. The current environment is uncharted waters for many business owners, and Silverdale Business is here to offer support and practical advice:


  1. Support local
  2. Don’t be ruled by emotion
  3. Look after your people
  4. Find new customers
  5. Band together and network
  6. Talk to us

Support Local

We love all our Silverdale businesses and now more than ever, they need your support. As a representative of Silverdale businesses, we encourage you to continue supporting your local services, trades and stores. Leave reviews so other potential customers know exactly what to expect, who is awesome and why supporting local is great!

Don’t be Ruled by Emotion

Watching your Kiwisaver dropping hurts, but it’s important not to knee-jerk react to the current situation. Similarly, now is not the time to re actively pull your promotional plans. Your customers still need to find you, know what you do and how to contact you.

Look After Your People

Having staff working in a different way might present other benefits to your business. Remote working or flexible hours may be options that better serve the needs of your business and your staff. If your business has taken a financial hit from Covid-19 or you have staff who need to take leave to self-isolate, the government has introduced a wage subsidy and leave payment employer support scheme. You can find all the info and forms here.

Find New Customers

During times of uncertainty, opportunity can also present itself. However, opportunities don’t shout, they whisper. Think about new revenue channels, marketing to a different target clientele or how to diversify your business to weather the storm. Right now, digital marketing is going to be an important marketing channel so it’s a good time to ensure you’re found in all the right places.

Band Together & Network

Think about putting enhanced effort into working with those who are in your wider business network, and with whom can you work with for mutual benefit. Word-of-mouth referrals are always a powerful source of business and may be helpful in sustaining your business through what could be some uncertain times ahead. Support each other and look out for your business buddies. We’re all in this together and we need to help each other.

Talk to Us

We at Silverdale Business have a big stake in wanting our local businesses and community to survive these challenging times. While there are obviously global factors presently at play over which we have virtually no control, we care about Silverdale and welcome any suggestions about what we can do all do to help our community.

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