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Like all ripples, our story began as a drop of water in the ocean.

Founded by Kayleen in 2017, RIPPLE began as Ripple Recruitment. Dedicated to servicing the SME sector, Kayleen and her team of innovative, critical-thinking recruitment and human resource professionals offered recruitment support to many industry sectors across numerous employment functions.

But, as time went by and the ripples began to grow, Kayleen saw a need to offer a wider range of employment support services.

RIPPLE Business and RIPPLE Women were born.

Still providing all the same recruitment functions that she is famed for, Kayleen and her team also support businesses to gain market share, build resilience and improve their productivity and profitability from the inside out. The team also supports local communities and women in business as employers and employees.

With the ability to tailor bespoke offerings specific to each client’s particular needs, RIPPLE specialises in delivering the support that you need.

Drawing on the knowledge, expertise, and experience of an extensive team, RIPPLE delivers professional, supportive, and accessible services with impact.

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